CONNEXIS Sustainability Radar – Briefings, Workshops, Analyses & Reports

As an insider in the ESG world, CONNEXIS is deeply involved in the international ESG development. This position enables us to offer our profound insight to our customers in various formats.

Briefings, Presentations & Workshops

In management briefings and presentations, CONNEXIS shares its detailed knowledge of the new ISO ESG standards with its customers.

Our workshops go into more detail, preparing customers for the implementation of the new standards as well as identifying and developing specific benefits and opportunities.

For details and booking of briefings, presentations & workshops please contact us here.

NEW: Based on Franz Kencht's current role as the Convenor of the Working Group for ISO 14007, CONNEXIS offers special briefings & workshops on the new ISO ESG Standards (more details).

Research, Analyses, Studies & Reports

In addition to briefings, presentations and workshops we provide compact and concise research studies and development analyses that are tailored to our clients’ strategic perspectives.

These studies enable CONNEXIS’ clients to establish a first opinion on the importance and impact potential of a certain ESG issue

CONNEXIS reports can be delivered in different formats such as

Recent examples of CONNEXIS reports include