ESG | CSR Implementation - Integrating Sustainability into Management Systems

Most financial services companies as well as most medium-sized businesses operate formal, standardized & certifiable management systems.

These management systems represent the relevant process & quality aspects of the business and ensure efficient management of the organization.

New Sustainable Development Aspects - Sector Specific Solutions

Sustainable development adds three key concepts & aspects of

that need to be integrated into the existing management systems.

In order to simplify this integration of ESG aspects into existing management systems, CONNEXIS has developed sector-specific solutions & attractive offerings specifically for financial service companies & SMEs.

Proven Successful Track Record

Over the past 30 years CONNEXIS has built a proven, successful track record of ESG solutions in several sectors such as

CONNEXIS develops, strengthens & documents ESG

Based on this proven track record, CONNEXIS offers its customers

The advantages for CONNEXIS customers are