Industrial Manufacturing, Trade & Real Estate

Manufacturing, trade & real estate companies are increasinlgy compelled to collect and report data on their own as well as their supply chain's sustainability performance. This trend is driven by more voluntary sustainability reporting by their customers as well as new regulation such as the EU NFRD Directive and the most recent EU Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

CONNEXIS helps manufacturing, trade & real estate companies turn this external pressure into an internal resource by improving the core sustainability of their business models and developing new communication strategies.

CONNEXIS has completed the following projects for industrial, trade & real estate customers:

- ESG Policies & first GRI Report for Swiss INTERROL

CONNEXIS & Kugelfisch Communications accompanied Swiss INTERROL Holding AG in the development of the first ESG policies as well as the first GRI sustainability report.

The project included a structured stakeholder dialogue, a detailed materiality analysis as well as the development of the first ESG policies.

Data from more than 30 entities worldwide were identified and combined in order to calculate - among other aspects - the company's emissions following the GHG protocol. The format of the new report was structured and texts were written in cooperation with the customer's departments. The developed content was introduced to INTERROL's new sustainability web section.

- Raw material origination for ITC supplier

In preparation for the EICC-GeSI Conflict-Free Smelter (CFS) Assessment Programme’s (by the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalition and the Global e-Sustainability Initiative) raw material origination assessments, we evaluated, described and documented for the client all raw material stocked for production, in production and warehoused for delivery. The task included detailed recommendations for preparing the customer’s procurement, purchasing and manufacturing organisation for the assessment and beyond, e.g. for further improving the procurement governance quality.

- ESG due diligence for M&A, divestitures and green IPO of chemical industries

As a result of earlier research and development work to enhance and complement environmental due diligence assessments with CSR aspects, we developed and performed for URS Germany the tools and procedures to support clients during a capital transaction process. The task, performed in cooperation with URS Germany GmbH, consisted in the identification of relevant ESG risks and opportunities, and in finding evidence of tangible effects to the transaction value, whether for the buyer or the seller of assets.

- GRI application for white goods company

Over an extended period of time CONNEXIS worked with the customer to implement a better understanding of GRI guidelines and their application in practice.

- Responsible Supply Chain Management System for chemical & metal manufacturer

The customer was confronted with a growing request for supplier evaluation information which did not exist yet. We guided the procurement department through development, implementation and third party evaluation of their Responsible Supply Chain Management (RSCM). The task included the formulation of policy and guidance documents, design of all practical procedures for the selection process of new suppliers and assessment of existing suppliers, purchasing guidelines, coordination with other existing policy documents, standards and legal requirements. The company gained during the process new clients which made the project profitable already within the same year. The project was performed as a cooperation partner of URS Germany GmbH.

- Financial stakeholder dialogue for pharmaceutical company

The customer wanted to learn about how SRI rating professionals and fund managers evaluate corporate ESG performance and build an opinion regarding ESG risks and opportunities for their clients, the institutional and private SRI investors.

- Scenarios for car manufacturer and pharmaceutical company

The US-based car company was performing these scenarios in order to gain a better strategic understanding about mobility needs, transportation technology, and sustainability issues. We contributed to this project as a cooperation partner of blue-way, Ulrich Golücke. A similar project regarding how a company envisages possible future sustainability developments with the help of scenarios was performed for a large European pharmaceutical company.