Governmental Agencies

CONNEXIS has completed the following recent projects for Governmental Agencies in Switzerland, Europe and abroad:

- Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services - BES

Reference: Swiss Federal Office for Environment and Nature (FOEN)

In spring 2011 we performed a research study about the actual status of BES indicator reporting for FOEN, the Swiss Federal Office for Environment and Nature. Franz Knecht of CONNEXIS has been a member of BES related workgroups at GRI, European Union, UNEP FI and VfU since 2009 and contributed to Biodiversity and business publications in 2010 and 2011.

- Environmental Risk and Domestic Corporate Financing

Reference: Egyptian Ministry for the Environment

The project, initiated by US-AID, consisted in education and training for credit managers at Egyptian banks on why environmental risks can impact credit risks and how to manage them through identification, mitigation and cooperation with public environmental protection institutions as well as the borrower. The task was performed in cooperation with Environmental Finance Enterprise, John Ganzi, CONNEXIS’ associate partner and representative for North America.

- Energy Scenarios

Reference: Energy Planning Ministry of Colombia

Under the leadership of Kairos Future AB, Stockholm, Ulf Boman, the leading Scandinavian futures study provider, we contributed in a consortium to a scenario process aiming at creating different views and approaches about how the future of energy needs, dependency, production and distribution may look like for Colombia. Title: Escenarios Energéticos Futuros para Colombia, 2000.

- Orang-Utan Habitat Preservation: Guidance for Addressing the Regional Finance Sector

In cooperation with Environmental Finance, John Ganzi, we supported an American biodiversity consultancy in identifying the diverse roles, actors and finance sector businesses which are engaged with forestry industries in relevant orang-utan habitat regions. The objective was to build up the argumentation for and create an opportunity driven discussion basis for their supporting of habitat sensitive regions under governmental protection and international observation. The project sponsor was US-AID.

- Environmental Credit Risk Management

Reference: Land Bank of the Philippines (LBP), Manila

For the World Bank we performed in cooperation with Denkstatt, CONNEXIS’ Austrian cooperation partner, two weeks of training courses for the credit management and regional loan officers of LBP.
The task comprised three steps. The first step was to design and implement all necessary internal environmental credit risk management documents (policies, guidelines and check lists).
Step two consisted in on-site application and training at a meat processing factory (management interviews, site inspection and production process understanding).
The final step included conclusions and requirements for the meat processing company which was serving as a test model.
Overall the training was an impressive learning exercise for both business partners, the bank and the credit client, and resulted in the implementation of tested environmental credit risk management procedures at all branches of the bank.