CONNEXIS works directly with International Organizations

In an effort to promote and implement CSR and ESG principles around the world, CONNEXIS works directly and indirectly with and for international organizations.

Projects with International Organizations

Over the past 15 years CONNEXIS has worked for the following international organization and development banks:

Together with its cooperation partners CONNEXIS puts together project teams that best correspond to the customer's requests for proposals (RFPs) and participates in the public tender process. Through these tender processes CONNEXIS has won a variety of projects together with its cooperation partners over the past years, examples can be seen here.

Participation in International Working Groups

Additionally CONNEXIS participates in international working groups that

In September 2016 CONNEXIS represented the Schweizerische Normenvereinigung (Swiss mirror organization to the ISO) at the Technical Committee meetings for the new ISO 14007 and 14008 in Seoul (read more). The participation in these working groups enables CONNEXIS to be at the forefront of international developments.

Advantages for CONNEXIS Customers

CONNEXIS' customers directly profit from our involvement and participation in these international processess through our deep understanding of international developments and trends, before they become part of the public domain. We enable our customers to be prepared for and react to international trends and developments, before they become directly or indirectly affected.