ESG | CSR Implementation - Integrating Sustainability into Management Systems

Most financial services companies & medium-sized businesses operate formal, standardized & certifiable management systems.

These management systems represent the relevant process & quality aspects of the business and ensure efficient management of the organization.

New Sustainable Development Aspects - Sector Specific Solutions

Sustainable development adds key new concepts & aspects of environmental & social responsibility as well as good corporate governance (ESG) that need to be integrated into the existing management systems.

In order to simplify this integration of ESG aspects into existing management systems, CONNEXIS has developed sector-specific solutions & attractive offerings specifically for financial service companies & SMEs.

Proven Successful Track Record

Over the past 30 years CONNEXIS has built a proven, successful track record of ESG solutions in several sectors such as

CONNEXIS develops, strengthens & documents ESG

The advantages for CONNEXIS customers are