CSR Implementation with CONNEXIS

Developing Sustainable Strategies

In recent years sustainability has advanced from a fringe topic for insiders, experts and NGOs to the center of attention in many companies and organizations. Some organizations and companies limit their efforts to improving their appearance and external perception, thereby wasting precious time and resources on the inevitable path towards a truly sustainable business model.

CONNEXIS applies a different approach: together with our customers we develop a core strategy to make their products and services environmentally friendly and socially acceptable. In parallel we improve corporate governance in order to assure that products and services are correctly purchased, produced and marketed.

Developing Sustainable Products and Services

To be truly sustainable, products and services should be purchased, produced and marketed in a socially fair, environmentally friendly and transparent way. In this context CONNEXIS pays special attention to a responsible supply chain management as well as transparent labelling.

Sustainable Production

Production itself should

This creates products and services that will continue to succeed in a market that profoundly changes towards more sustainability.